High School student’s participation.
1. SONG MESSAGE: according to the campaign be a HERO : Helping Everyone Respect Others.

2. NO NO NO !!: Songs CANNOT contain offensive language like insults, personal attacks, or vulgar words.
You can be brave showing respect, you can give your opinion without insulting, you can give a political message without referring to a
specific government or a particular politician.

3. SOLISTS OR BANDS: they must sing 1 song with lyrics and unpublished music (Inedit Song). The song should not last more than 4:00 min.

4. Both Bands and Solo Artists should send the names of their songs together with the letters to j.montenegro@lamoderna.edu.ec
/ h.sojos@lamoderna.edu.ec , they will be reviewed for final approval.

5. Before going on stage, check everything so when you get called for stage you be ready: Every instrument must be tuned, every string
in place, every pick must be within reach, all cables must be unraveled, etc. (if guitar pedals will be used, take
them armed and connected. Remember other’s time should be respected)

6. Registrations will be from Thursday, June 21 until Friday, July 13. The final presentation will be on August 8 . (Don’t forget to send the
lyrics of your songs to Mr. Jimmy or Mr. Harold before July 31 for the final review)